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If you have a good threshold for pain (Eurostar is a very rough coaster), then you will learn that it is perhaps one of the most intense coasters ever. From the bottom of the drop until the end, the ride pulls incredible amounts of Gs, and the ending where you drop 30ft into one of the smallest helixes I've seen will leave you seeing stars.

Michael Spalding


Eurostar is amazing. It is rough, but in the same kind of was as Colossus and Grand National where you have to push your head to the side and brace yourself to enjoy it at its best. I rode it this year and it seemed to be a lot better, but still gives you a kick up the ass that is so commanding.

I think it is a sign of the times when people complain how rough Eurostar is. It is about time that a coaster showed you who's boss.



I beg to differ, Eurostar *is* rough! I am not mistaking intensity and ferocity for roughness. It gives Vekoma SLCs a run for their money in head banging stakes, in fact I would go so far as to say Eurostar gave me the most severe head bashing I've ever had. I wish I could enjoy its 'ferocity' and extreme Gs but it needs B&M to sort out the bearings so that it can give a smooth AND ferocious ride.

Chris Simon


Nowhere near as bad as it was a couple of years ago in my opinion. I generally agree that if you "ride the coaster like a bronco" you'll come off loving it. I heard all these horror stories and was pleasantly surprised.

"Gotta treat them mean to keep them keen!"

Rachel Thorsby


What a load of wimps some people have become!! B&M should keep their hands off Eurostar as no amount of looking at bearings will make Eurostar as forceless as you desire. Look at the turn in and out of the corkscrews to see why this will never be a Nemesis Inferno. And this is a good thing. I get bored of people moaning B&Ms are too smooth and then complaining that if it isn't a B&M it is too rough. My suggestion is to just keep your head to the side and it is fine. It throws you around, but hey, riding a roller coaster isn't ever supposed to be forceless otherwise themeparks would be full of simulators.



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