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First, I would like to comment Coaster Kingdom on writing entertaining and funny reviews while being completely informative. I laughed out loud five or six times during the course of the El Rio Grande review alone (okay, so I laugh a lot). Now for my review. Here we go.


El Rio Grande is a complete and utter surprise, as has been stated. I recall staring out at the course from the queue while being dragged along by my wet-water-ride-obsessed sister, thinking, "Oh, no, it's worse than Rumba Rapids". Boarding was dull, as usual. We drifted out into the water, and slowly approached the first ripple- I mean, wave.


Thus followed one of the most amazing water rides I have yet to experience. Every little wave and splash made the boat bob what seemed like four feet.

Amazing. And strange.



This ride is truly remarkable. I think the first picture on the CK review sums it up... it's all about the boats.

The course is no more exciting then Rumba Rapids, but the boats make the experience truly fluid and breathtakingly good fun - as water surges around you.

Your feet are deep below the water line, and the waves rush past your elbows, at points completely cutting you off from your fellow travellers as the sections between the compartments disappear under the wash.

Bizarre angles cause unexpected splashed aimed at all and sundry, and there is no predicting exactly what will happen at any point - as even the tiniest wave can engulf the entire boat.

What really makes this ride stand out for me, is that it is the only rapids ride where I have felt like I am actually rafting down some rapids. This is as real as it gets, with water gushing around you threatening to complete submerge your compartment, but never actually doing so.

It's a completely unexpected genius, and I can only wonder what would be the result if these boats were placed onto a truly entertaining rapids course...

Lewis Cox


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El Rio Grande

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