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I don't think El Diablo is quite as bad as many like to think. Although it is hardly a fantastic ride, it is pretty much synonymous with every other mine train in existence - a genre I am not particularly keen on. Fine, it consists of shuffly, boring elements, but what mine train doesn't? It is poorer than most, but remains quite fun to ride.

Catherine Brooks

I can't agree there I'm afraid! Having ridden Big Thunder at Disney in Paris, I feel that although it is 'shuffly', it is hardly boring and lacks the complete dead spots that El Diablo has. Perhaps you're right, it isn't THAT bad, but the fact that almost every other major ride at Port Aventura is such quality just highlights the things that let El Diablo down.

John Arnold

My feelings are mixed. I don't think Arrow are at all worthy of the credit they receive. The problems with the ride stretch no further than the ride itself. The theming is great, the way it goes past the log flume is great and the tunnels and lake elements are good, it is just the appauling layout that lets it down - I think perhaps John Wardley and friends were concentrating too much on Dragon Khan and the rest of the park to notice what a dud El Diablo would turn out to be. I ride it when I go, I just don't re-ride.

Rob Cawood

I think you have just about hit the nail on the head, Rob. According to the review on 'Our Thoughts', the main dead spot (between lift 2 and 3) is because of contractual difficulties, the first bit is a bit boring but I think that probably looked better on paper than it turned out. It remains a fun ride to ride, but is just let down in a few places where the magic of Port Aventura more than makes up for it.

Catherine Brooks

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