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Great concept within itself, but the theming is diabolical. Yes, most people have said on their reviews that the theming is fantastic, and this is true until you actually board the car. The music played when travelling around is REALLY corny: a 'SCOOBY DOO' style rock/horror theme.

A lot of time has been put into the theming, but it is spoiled by the mass of lights and the fact that there is no roof. It feels like you are seriously lost in a Hollywood Studio for B-Movies, because the scene changes from inside a house, to a Lab, to a Graveyard, to back in a house and then to a sewer with barrels of nuclear waste???.

There is no set theme apart from the disappearance of a Surgeon, but only the queue line and one scene actually follows this.

It could be fantastic, if they put ceilings on things (so it doesn't feel as though you are travelling through a B&Q), use one theme, changing scenes through doors (e.g, have a huge backdoor, with a dead corpse behind that you travel through to get to the gravegard), remove all of the LED's and make it so that you win points if you zap monsters (no LED's on monsters, but have a system within them that recognised a shot without looking like a Christmas Tree), make the inside music and Zombie effects scarier, change that irritating ZAP noise and finally, change the name from DUEL: The Haunted House Strikes Back to a less sentimental DUEL.



What a ride. Brilliant music, well made zombies and powerful strobe lights. Here are my facts about Duel with bad points and good points.

Good points:

The spinning tunnel is good although it makes people feel dizzy
Zombie before spinning tunnel is good
Zombies in the windows is very popular
My favourite bit is the giant skeleton that opens up
When Zombies freak out at you. The strobe lights give it atmosphere
The Zombie in the smashed window that has zombie eyes and is tilted and has got holes in him looks very well created
Brilliant soundtrack
Nice sound effects

Bad points:

Guns are painful
A Lot of the ride goes unnoticed as you shoot things
Some strobes aren't bright enough
There should be a spiral at the other end of the spinning tunnel



This ride will be nothing but a disappointment to those who hoped for an improved Haunted House. Not only are there few changes apart from the addition of flashing LEDs in every conceivable place, but the essence of the ride has been ruined. Although the original ride was nothing to marvel at, it could be forgiven for its lack of spectacular effects because it was just a haunted house. There was nothing else promised or expected.

With the refurbishment of the ride one expected something rather grander. Duel promises an interactive experience and as such I expected involving effects that would add to the interactive feel. Unfortunately not only does it not deliver, the effects that are present can probably found in your local fairs ghost train.

Now I don't expect to see huge fireballs or multi-million pound 4D effects, but what I did expect was something more than a siren and an animatronic figure fall out of a cupboard. The only major additions I can see that have been added to this ride are guns and lots and lots and lots of flashing red lights. To me that does not constitute a 'new' ride.

The fact that Tussauds have attempted to paint a picture of an enthralling and immersive ride, with a hashed attempt at a storyline makes this something of an embarrassment when compared to the unassuming original.



An improvement of the original but lacks in some ways. It makes your finger hurt from continually pulling the trigger of the gun. The new factor makes you not think about trying to be scared anymore. Maybe next time Tussauds.

Andrew Jack


I would not beat about the bush. Duel is quite a good ride, Although I miss the old Haunted House. The sound track is cool, and the exterior music would be really cool for the original Haunted House.

Nick D Daniels


A great addition to the park and has given the old and tired HH an new lease of life aswell as a re-ride factor, lets hope they maintain duel better than they maintained the Haunted House.

Andrew Ruane


Some nice effects, decent trains, lovely queue line and smashing music all ruined by the nature of this ride. The whole thing just feels very bitty. Note To Tussauds: Zombies, gothic horror, vampires and ghosts are great, but they don't all work when stuck into the same scene.

The targets make sure you never have time to focus on some of the positive special effects on the ride, and the sheer amount of things to shoot at means your trigger finger won't survive a re-ride without drawing blood.

Steven Whitfield


Whilst Duel improves the ride similarly to Tomb Blaster, by adding a better re-ride factor, I think it is easy to give the ride more credit then it is due simply because it is an improvement on what it was before.

Despite all the Haunted House's faults, it had a nice simple premise: Spooky things in a House. Whilst the Tomb Blaster upgrade removed a complicated story, Duel has actually added a story about zombies and a missing researcher. Given that very little of the house has been changed, it now forms a rather nasty clash. In one scene, you get a giant spider, a vampire, two zombies and a funny face in the wall all appearing within five seconds. And the missing researcher is not dealt with at all.

Of course, whilst you fire at the millions of lights all around, you may not notice such inconsistencies, but this is a large reason why the ride cannot be ranked alongside the other great dark rides.

Forget the added story, it is now simply a shooting arcade, but without looking anywhere near as nice or grand as Tom Blaster.

It is an improvement on the Haunted House, but don't expect anything more.

Lewis Cox


What a ride, what brilliant music & a spectacular area. Duel is much better than the Haunted House. It smelt like poo in the old HH, but now it smells cleaner & it is more misty & dark. One foot note. It was a bit short & theming was sparse.

Daniel Baillie


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Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back!

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