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No inversions, not a huge speed and not scary at all...

But that doesn't mean that it's not fun.

In fact in almost every way, this ride is pure genius. Before this ride, Tussauds efforts to make this a family park had not really been seen, apart from the disappearance of Samurai just to add to Thorpe's already thrill-filled line up of rides. Although a family park, it was turning into more of a kids park as the only real attractions that older brothers/ sisters and parents could enjoy, were Professor Bubbleworks, Black Buccaneer, Vampire, and the only real thrill ride, the brilliant Rameses Revenge. This very small selection was not enough to justify a day out for older people, meaning that smaller family groups were coming (i.e. just parents and very small children). This small group was made smaller by the fact that Bubbleworks was banned teenage groups (of which I am part of, although I do agree with this move as when me and a few friends went, we could see other scum doing stupid things, that detracted from a families ride), and the fact that the over rated Vampire (a!

And it is over rated still by quite a few) had horrendously long queues for what you actually got, and Rameses could, and still can vary from poor to average, and good to excellent.

But in 2004, I was amazed to see excited teens in Chessington, which just 1 year before was a vary rare to non-existent sight. Of course they were all heading towards the new star of the park.

The first ride of the day gave us a 50 minute queue which for a new ride is quite good. As we went around the queue, we got more and more bored, as the queue takes you away from the ride, and the only thing you can see is the drop and large immelman turn. Not very good for younger children I would have thought.

As you board the train, loading is quite efficient and people hurry into the cars as instead of stopping in the station, they crawl through it, which makes people get in more quickly.

A very quick lift hill takes you straight into the first drop, past the camera, up into the spectacular immelman. This provokes a lot of spinning and is quite forceful. We then go up into some trim brakes, into another dip and slight turn, into some more brakes that don't slow you down at all. Then comes the fantastic helix, which also causes some spinning, which is carried onto the second, very shallow lift hill.

This leads you into a little s-bend, into a small drop, up though a bunny hop, into a final downwards banked s-bend into the brakes. What great fun.

Not a thrill ride, but not a kids coaster, one of the only coasters I know that actually fits into the category of family coaster, the only other I know being Big Thunder Mountain at DLParis. (Vampire is not a proper family coaster it is more for younger people). This ride thrills older people, and makes younger people feel like they have been on a major coaster, therefore making it have universal appeal.

This ride is just what Chessington needed. It made the park a proper family park, as just like Thorpe used to be an overgrown water park, Chessington was starting to become more of an overgrown kids park. But Fury saved Chessington and brought in the whole family, meaning that income is a lot higher, hopefully funding future developments.

In 2 years, Tussauds have opened to amazing roller coasters at Thorpe and Cheesington, both fitting their criteria perfectly. Colossus saved Thorpe Park, and turned it into a thrill park, Dragons Fury saved Chessington, and turned it into a proper family park. And with two great parks, that are good for all ages, only 30 mins drive apart, their is now more and more reason for the public to visit Surrey for theme parks, rather than Alton Towers (which of course is good for me as I live in Surrey).

Good work Tussauds!

Ollie Cook

Great spinning mouse ride, as you don't know which way you'll be facing for the drops, the 1st drop should of been more straighter into the immelman and the ride a bit longer. 

James Culver

What a great coaster! Great addition to Chessington! Its much more fun visiting Chessington as it is for the children but now with Dragons Fury the adults can have a good time too!

David Armstrong

From the lift hill to the final brakes, the smile never left my face. This ride is pure fun in roller coaster form. The "immelman" element is perfect. The ride works best with the car weighted for maximum spinning, but I've never had a dull ride on this, and I probably never will. Completely stomps all over the rough and thrill-less Vampire.

David Wilcock

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