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With the Black Hole going the way of the Thunder Looper, the Alton Mouse and the Alton Beast this is now the oldest operating roller coaster at Alton Towers. It feels slightly ironic to see it share an area with Rita, one of the parks most modern coasters.

It does show it's age a little. It does feel a little rough and shaky as you go round it. Personally I don't think that's too bad, unless for some reason I haven't thought of you wanted to do a large number of repeat rides on this the roughness isn't to unpleasant, and I think it helps give the ride a good bit of character, without spoiling the experience too much.

It is quite a big indication of how rides have moved on, comparing today's standards to the days when some of the top attractions where boomerangs and coasters like this. However this coaster still provides a good thrilling ride as it maintains a good pace round the track. It's one I'd want to have a go on when passing, as long as the queue didn't get too long.


While this ride is immensely slagged off as an awful ride i would disagree. I rode corky twice on my last visit. Perhaps I chose a good seating arrangement.

Eg front and back. The back offered the intense experience I was looking for, the front offered a weird experience I was confused as to why I was accelerating at the bottom of the drop. This offered excellent 'air' time on the first bunny hop. Whilst its rough and themed badly I feel this site is wrong about lowering to Submission and Big Ben which are crap. So join me in saying "Long live Corkscrew!!!"


A lot of people who have rated Corkscrew 1/5 perhaps are forgetting that, if it wasn't for this ride, Alton Towers probably wouldn't be what it is today.

It is very rough and gives you a bad headache and ear ache for a while afterwards, although the first drop of the ride is quite enjoyable. It's great to see the park have repainted it for this season (2005) and is now yellow again, instead of a horrible, murky rusting yellowly-brown it has been for a while.

They should do something about making it more comfy, and the seats are small and cramped, and make the ride less rough.

Corkscrew should stay in the park for a couple more years, however when riding becomes even more painful than it already is, it'll be time to wave goodbye to this old classic.


When reviewing Corkscrew, I think it's important to remember what a land mark ride it really is. Not only was it the first double-looping coaster in the UK but it also paved the way for Alton's expansion and such greats as Nemesis and Oblivion.

At the time, 25 years ago, it was ground breaking and although the only things it seems to be breaking now are skulls it is still a superb ride. The first drop has a lot of airtime and the corkscrews are also quite intense.

Imagine where we would be without a ride like this, Alton Towers may still be a landscaped garden and Tussaud's might be stuck making waxworks. Not only is this ride fun, it single-handedly established the British theme park industry and for that, I salute thee. Nice.

Dan Thompson

Absolutely terrible!! Our ears were slammed into the sides due to the ride being far to rickety - not sure if it was the desired effect but it certainly gave Becky a purple ear to be proud of later that night at home!! It taught us never to go on a ride that our mum rode in the old days.

Abby and Becky

No ride in Ug Land is significant, and I agree that the space could be better used. Alton Towers are stupid not to have bulldozed the whole area and put in whatever SW5 will be where the Corkscrew is. It is rough and boring.

Simon Sinden

I donít know why everyone whinges about it. Sure Ug land is dire but the corkscrew is still a good. Easily better than the Black Hole

William Pratt

I wasnít going to make any comments about this ride I think most things have been said, however I must comment about it now Iíve read everyone else's. Yes it caused a storm. Itís part of the AT history. Itís a classic. I think it was the majority of UK enthusiasts first major ride (it was mine anyhow) BUT it needs to justify itís place in a collection of otherwise outstanding rides. Itís painful, slow and un-themed. AT need to make up their mind as to whether re-theme, invest in, update or remove this piece of UK roller coaster history. After all, Alton Towers cheerfully removed one of the UKís best-loved rides in the Thunder Looper, what is stopping the Corkscrew from following the same fate? Now prices have gone up, weíre being charged for parking our cars etc etc, the least we deserve is a classic sit down roller coaster delivering thrills for all the family. Something which The Corkscrew no longer does

Richard Johnstone

Is it just me or do the Corkscrew restraints really hurt your head?! Once is defiantly enough!

Kelly Cameron

I like Corkscrew. I'd like it to get a extension on it. So it could be a bit more interesting.

Jack Johnson

Corkscrew is a very good ride. The first drop gives a lot of air time. The corkscrews are nothing special but the on ride photo point is great. A good ride but you will come of with a head ache!

Jonathon Hucks

Nearly broke my neck! They should take this ride down before anyone else gets hurt!

Tom Buchanan

Ouch!!! Just went to AT the other day and rode Corkscrew for the first time in 6 years. Seems a lot rougher than the last time I rode it ( And It Was Pretty Bad Then) To be honest I don't see the point in a decent park like AT keeping a piece of scrap metal like the old Corkscrew! In my opinion they should demolish it... NOW!!!

(Wish I could Give It Zero!)

Andy Allen

Even though I escaped major league head banging, this coaster committed another cardinal sin: it's boring. The first drop was too painful on the shoulders to enjoy the air time, and the corkscrews themselves were thrilless. The ride gives up after the second corkscrew and is completely unmemorable. Rather than closing The Black Hole, Alton needs to put this ride out of its misery.

David Wilcock


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