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The Congo River Rapids are probably the best non-major ride at Alton Towers. I like Rapids anyway, mainly due to the fact that every ride is different, and also that it is a very social ride where all the family can go in the same boat, face the middle and just have a good old laff. The intertwining of the Runaway Mine Train is a good feature, the waterfalls are also just about perfect. It is also nice to get away from the bustle of the park, something which although the Log Flume does better, the rapids do in a more entertaining way. It isn't a ride I would queue for, but is fantastic fun, something many rides strive to be in my opinion.

Damian Varley

Although it is called the Congo River Rapids, it's a shame that the theming doesn't go further than the striped roof in the station, which is a lost opportunity. It is quite fun though, but not wet enough.

Darren Simmons

Although it isn't particularly wet, I don't see why I should go on a water ride and always know I'm going to get wet, especially in Britain! I think it is far more fun to think 'am I going to get wet?' and can dodge waves accordingly.

Michael Smith

It is by far the most fun 'normal' rapids I have been on. I agree with the wetness thing, although I had no complaints about the Bilge Rat Barges in Florida which had superb theming around the course. The wave pools where the boat has waves going across to the side is most fun, and something exercised to the max on the Congos.

Karen Bell

This ride is now too wet. On a recent trip I noticed the addition of some hose pipes and water sprays that have been placed next to the camera near the waterfalls and at the end of the ride just before the conveyor belt.  The last one has been cleverly placed so it at least gets one rider completely drenched from head to toe. All this happens underneath the bridge that previous riders seem to crowd on and cheer every time some one gets wet. I was so wet that it took me 5 hours to dry off even though it was a very hot day

Chris Brooke

A very good ride, which lasts long enough to drench every inch of you. Around ever turn is a new splash or some water pistols, and the tunnel is really fun. I have always enjoyed rapid rides and this one lived up to my expectations. But make sure you get on it early, queues get very bad

Nigel Butterworth

The most disappointing ride in the park. Alton should replace it with something fun

William Pratt

An okay ride, but similar to many other river rapid rides. Don't wait too long for this one

Andrew Jack

This ride is brilliant because it is unpredictable. It is always the one who preys not to get wet that gets soaked. You always end up wanting to ride it again, and it still always has a queue. The theming is quite good as well. My only criticism is that the fountain never gets turned on and it is in the wrong place - e.g is would suit the tunnel and it would take riders by surprise as they cascade through in the dark.


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Congo River Rapids

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