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A truly fantastic ride. Admittedly, I spent the entire first half of our day at Thorpe Park worrying about the monster that was Colossus, but eventually i was persuaded (or rather forced?) to ride it. And I am so glad I did. As for the bulky restraints, they need to be that way! Did you not realise that the ride loops 10 times!! If they weren't restrictive and heavy the riders would fall out, and well...die.

All in all, great.


What can be said about Colossus? Well, lets start with the one good point, the presentation.

The ride has a lovely theme, with much of the ride buried under the paths and walkways that surround the ride. A gentle waterfall cascades into a green, horrible pit of what was probably at one time water.

The ride intricately wraps it's way around the queue line giving perfect opportunities for photos and videos.

Upon entering the station, the dramatic music really helps to build up suspense, and a whispering voice introduces the inversions to you. Before you know it you're taking your seat, and have to literally scramble over the cars just to put your belongings down, so a word of warning, if you're not an Olympic athlete, don't even bother trying.

After the embarrassment of trying to take your seat, the restraints lower. They are big, very bulky and extremely uncomfortable.

The train then swiftly climbs the lift, turns to the left, and speeds down the dull, airtimeless first drop. *Bang* First case of roughness appears as your head smacks the restraints at the bottom of the hill.

The loop is dull, and very vanilla.

Next is the no-airtime hill, where you remain firmly plonked in your seat until the cobra roll begins.

*Bump* Next comes roughness moment one through one thousand. The Cobra Roll is pure pain, intercepted by pure boredom. The transition at the top kills all slight pace the ride had before it, and kills you in the process.

Then, the Corkscrews. *Bang* Roughness point 1001.

The dull turnaround once more breaks the flow.

Then the much talked about in line twists. Or, the most repetitive section on any coaster ever. Boring. Then another dull turnaround, and another inline ends it. Thankfully.

So, Colossus is, in summary...

1. Nicely Presented.
2. Dull.
3. Repetitive.
4. Rough.
5. Repetitive.
6. Did I mention how repetitive it is?

1/5 (only because there is no 0)


An excellent ride and everything Thorpe Park needed to break into the big league - a record that could be trumped up no end, and they do it too!

The ride is brilliant, if slightly short (850 meters), it feels blisteringly quick through the mid section despite an unimpressive top speed of 48mph - nothing special there, but it doesn't take much from the ride - good stuff.

A note about the roughness: The track has nothing to do with it, the trains are stripped down and modified hyper coaster trains, they weight nothing compared to a weighty hyper or B&M train, so the wind resistance knocks the train around more - making it seem bumpy, just like the Big One.

Harvey North

I was terrified when I first saw the mighty cobra loops and relentless row of corkscrew twists that made up Colossus. I actually wasn't looking forward to it (which is surprising), but I couldn't really go to Thorpe Park and pass up the chance now, could I?

When I pulled the restraint down, I was glad it went really tight because it was only a matter of seconds and I was flipped upside down for the first time. After that was over, I knew that it was going to be great.

It continued with 4 more outstanding loops that filled me with adrenaline, and then came the part I was really dreading. I saw the four corkscrews that really terrified me, but before I really had time to think about it, I was off, looking into the vortex of turquoise, but the ride was so smooth it was unbelievable! After the final twist, I turned to my dad and said. 'That was fun.' I seriously thought I would hate every moment of it, but I felt like I was flying! After reading the review about Air, I will definitely go on that, because if a ride with a floor can do that to me, I don't know what air will!

I think Colossus is the most fabulous ride I've ever been on (and that includes Nemesis, Runaway Train and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster).



A fantastic coaster! The excitement of riding builds up as you walk through the queue line and once you begin your ride your not let down! The ride doesn't stop until it hits the brakes!

Steven Boni

Some rides are great by default, and some are clearly not. But for some rides, you have to look beyond just the ride experience, and look at what that particular ride has done for its respective park.

Take Colossus. Before 2000, even with Tussauds having been in charge for a couple of years, Thorpe Park was an utter joke really. The park's only real rides were Loggers Leap, and Thunder River (unfortunately re-themed for 2003-not one of Tussauds better pieces of work) and supposedly, X:\ No Way Out. Even when Tidal Wave came, the park was seen little more than a glorified water park, as as good as Tidal Wave was (and it was excellent), the park only had water rides.

But in 2001, construction started on Project Odyssey, aka, Colossus.

In preparation, 3 support thrill rides were brought in to both add to the park as new rides, but also to soak up some of the new huge crowds the park would be getting. A clever move was to install them for the 2001 season, a year before Colossus, which meant that more people would be coming to the park, and in the process see Colossus under construction-what better way to advertise?

When the new ride opened, Thorpe Park entered the big league. Through this ride, the park had brought in unbelievable amounts of visitors, compared to what it had previously seen, and an enormous amount of advertisement.

But now to the actual ride. Colossus is brilliant. Despite what some people say, it really is. I have never experienced any head bashing or roughness from Colossus, and I have been on it 12+ times, in almost every place ranging from the extreme front and extreme back.

The back is probably just as good as the front, as the speed seems a lot faster (due obviously to the fact that it is pulled down the drops, whereas the front is levered down).

The ride itself is great. The first drop is exhilarating, then the tear drop vertical loop, a nice air time hill before ducking under the shop, before literally erupting into the fantastic cobra roll, one of the real highlights for me.

Following this is two corkscrews, taken at a great speed, and then the photo is taken. A short respite on the turnaround, before you look into 'the eye of the storm' confronting your fear, as ahead of you, in a perfect circle, is the four inline twists. These are beautiful, and are forceful yet fun. Fantastic.

For most, the ride may now seem finished, but for those who have seen the pictures, the stats, or have been counting, they will realise there is something else in store.

A final inline twist in the opposite direction to the rest, just above the ground. Completely disorientated, riders go straight onto the break run. What a finale- definitely the best I have found.

This ride is sheer class, in every way. I have been on Florida's rides including Kraken, Incredible Hulk, both Duelling Dragons, and Montu all at the front, and most at the back as well- I am a thrill junky, yet Colossus is still as thrilling as all of those, something for a UK coaster, is amazing to find.

The theming is brilliant, there may not be a lot of it, but it does the job well, and does not really need to add to the ride. It also has a completely different feel to all other UK coasters, and most in the world, and unless you have been on Monte Mayaka in Brazil, it will be totally original.

And obviously, as I said before, it brought Thorpe Park into the big league. As a record breaker, it brought in so much more money than before, meaning that the park has been funded for its more recent rides (the average-good Nemesis Inferno). It has set the park up wonderfully, and when people say why they really want to visit, Colossus, will often be the word on most peoples lips.


Oliver Cooke

Colossus is fantastic! There isn't one thing I don't like about it. I especially like the extended corkscrew!

Michael Joyce

This ride is like going over a Pebble Beach, it's too rough please change the wheels and give it lap bars instead of overhead. Going upside down 10 times is great but the last 4 inversions should of been over the water more. A real shame when it should be really smooth, should of got B&M to build it.

James Culver

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