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Review the new Bubbleworks (2006-) 

Has the world of adventures gone mad?? In this age of youth oriented employment yet another old person with still much to give consigned to the scrap heap without so much as a proper send off and a gold watch. I'm of course referring to good old Professor Burp, almost a grandfather figure to so many, he may have been old but he had kept himself fit with his daily bike rides, only to be put out to pasture by those pencil pushing corporate whores at Imperial Leather. It's a disgrace to the die hard burp heads such as myself!

RIP professor you will be long missed.

Oh and what happened to the evil bubble? Now just a smiley blob not a hint of the old menace that terrorised so many kids over the years.

Rebecca Roake

I hated it! Poor Prof Burp. I hate this ride so much they had the cheek to convert the old 1 which was brilliant as well as adding it. Generally I hate it and think it should be altered back to the original!

Liam Robinson

I think you can tell that Chessie have made a bad mistake when you see everyone's review on this site of the old Bubbleworks and compare them to the reviews of the revamp. From everyone giving it a 4 or 5 star rating everyone stays well clear and gives the revamp a 1 or 3.

I used to love the ride, it was a classic, the music, the smell, the atmosphere, everything just added to the original to make it one of the best UK attractions ever. Since the revamp I've seen lots of big queues for it, but I know don't why, either they never rode the original so they won't be disappointed or they are going to ride it because they want to see how bad it is now.

Its a disgrace that they have done something like this, I would have rather seen the ride destroyed than to re-open as a piece of sponsorship turd.

John Cooper (Peep)

The new Bubbleworks is a rather rushed ride. They purposely made the ride tackier with the poor loops and so forth. A bad ride for anyone with aviphobia. These tiny rubber ducks and bottle fulls of imperial leather scattered about the place.

The entrance has cool ropes (despite the ducks). Burp's own office is now static bubbleheads in the recruitment room.

The Chessington website say the ride is foam-injected. The only bubbles in there are transparent fish bowls hanging on wire, or painted on a wall. It looks more like an animal testing lab. The cow makes that point even more. It is possible to get a pun out of "cream soda" with a cow. But since when did a cow inject foam. And why do you need a hot tub and spa in a soap factory. The reason Prof. B had it was to mix the juices. The bubblehead on a bottle in space is now a bubblehead in a barrel on a glacier??? The Beaufart Scale is now an egg on the seat going up. Your right eyebrow lifts in discombobulation.

The Hatchery has some talentless employee saying "SHH, BE QUIET!" We are being quiet, its you making that diabolical sound on some duck button being randomly pressed over the musical masterpiece of 1990-2005. The loops sounded dreadful and even worse with The Quacking. The fairground scene. All I can say is ducks will end up having their genitals roasted on a roller coaster track. The annoying thing is the music pauses at the end of a recording and doesn't follow on like the original.

The good thing about the ride was the dip from the current ride they changed the ascending music to the scary music from retro pressure room with the evil bubble replaced with a bubble with an IQ of 0.0000001 %.

The fountain finale was another purposely nerve raging touch. It got rid of the Beesta and replaced with guys in a shower for starters, and the lights were still on when the strobe lights were on. Leave it as it was! Cor! Whose stupid idea at the boardroom was it to get rid of, what made Chessington the place "Where families come first." Prof. B was what made Chessington, Chessington. Clever idea, Even the name had a good ring. It rhymed. In a way. Imperial Leather Bubbleworks? Nuttin'!! I'm surprised no one has questioned why Chessington have disposed of Prof. Burp and filled his pride and joy with plastic bath toys. It is a good ride for kids. Its a shame kids of this year onwards can't be brought up by Prof. Burp.

Its like turning the Rattlesnake into some weird ride sponsored by Petit Filous and Dolmio. Instead of water towers and stuff, thousands of blonde French girls all saying "With calcium to help bones grow strongerer!" with the boy with specks and those Italian muppets eating Bolognaise. Or sponsoring the Vampire with Frosties with Tony the Tiger as the trains. And on the organ that annoying kid singing "Their gonna taste great!" Apart from that the ride will have nothing to do with Frosties. Prof. Burp, we salute you!


One word and only one word. Ducks!!! So lets get this clear, one day Prof. Burp is making business and all of a sudden, out of the blue come these psychotic ducks who make him redundant. Even the festive Spanish fruit farm has become a sinister realm for Imperial Leathers new bubbleheads to frolic in their frozen positions, around what seems to be a realistic lab with a Bubble Farm with no humour. Barely child friendly. Enough to make the whole family cry.

The fruit in the juice jacuzzi was a nostalgic feature which has 'magically' sarcastically turned into a fest of bubbleheads in a hot tub and spa, right in the centre of a soap factory.

The only part that made me go woo at all was the big splash at the end. The ride should have caused much controversy of the annoyance of soundtrack loops done very lazily. The point of the original ride was it would be kept for generations to come, and has only lasted for fifteen years. Criminal. Pure criminal.

Other noticeable changes:

-the spring water gag replaced by the dull sea mineral extractor
-Prof. B. prohibited

The ride has some reminiscent puns.

2006 - a good year for beer, a bad year for Chessie's dearly departed

Prof. Burp 1990-2006


I went to CWOA on annual pass day and I couldn't wait till we could get there. First thing Bubbleworks. The whole ride is on the same scale as the old Bubbleworks but with ducks and baths as the main theme. If you were expecting a sensational exciting feeling I'm afraid you won't exactly be thrilled. I enjoyed bubble works but if they put a bit more effort it might of put my ratings in to 5/5.

Lauren Watson

There's not a great deal to say about the "new" Bubbleworks that hasn't already been uttered in horror by everyone else already.

The only mildly GOOD reviews I've heard have so far been from Chessington employees, and are therefore blatantly biased as they try to avoid the redundancy package pointing fingers of their superiors.

I never much liked the ride in its first form, but seeing it now just reminds me of how decent it actually was.

I think the quality of the ride's makeover can be summed up in the shop at the exit. Plastic rubber ducks- with injection moulding lines more hazardous than even the cheapest Christmas cracker toys -lining the shelves. The EXACT same ducks that have been strewn about the ride as "theming". Uh hmmm. Yeah. Tacky toys.

Next time perhaps they could buy a packet of Pokemon cards and tile the walls with them?

Pity there is no rating system lower than 1/5...


The first thing that strikes you as you enter the newly refurbished ride is that it's a lot darker than it used to be. Gone are the bright pink candylike walls to be replaced with a more moody 'underwater' effect... very nice but it did cause problems with my two year old as it's now quite dark by the entrance.

Onto the bridge, you can see the bubble machine littering the tubs with bubbles as they enter the attraction which is a really nice touch! Within the ride, any seasoned Bubbleworks addict will recognise the characters, situations and models from the previous version of the Bubbleworks.

It appears at first glance that the refurbishment has consisted of a total repaint with minimal changes to the structure. This doesn't mean it's not fun though, it still has the special sparkle that the original ride had but, to be honest, the sponsorship from Imperial Leather is all too evident in that product placement is everywhere.

The worse of this is the point just towards the final dive into the fountain room where you are faced with boxes of 'imperial leather', a conveyor belt shipping 'imperial leather' products, you name it the placement is there. I do feel this cheapens the ride a little and gives a slight 'sell out' feel to what is meant to be a fun family ride a step away from reality. The big finale is virtually identical to the original but this is no bad thing - they would be foolish to change that much as it is still as spectacular and beautifully designed as it was years ago.

Musically the entrance theme has changed from the iconic fairground piece from the original to one more fitting with the previously mentioned 'underwater' theme. We were pleased to find that within the ride there are still areas where the music has been retained, but on the day we were there it was choppy and slightly badly edited. I also, probably unfairly, feel that they should have carried the music overhaul throughout the ride instead of retaining it at points in a somewhat 'that'll do' manner.

Summing up then. To the seasoned riders, I can see many coming out a little jaded, but for new Bubbleworks riders this will be a treat and it IS fantastic fun. I do feel slightly cheapened by the oppressive corporate sponsorship though and do feel this mars it a little.

Dave & Debi

Agree 100% with Marcus' review. The ride is now devoid of character and wit, totally bland. The only positive is the bubble machine in the station! The ride just isn't fun - in fact it's boring and lacks any re-ride value. I predict this will go from the ride you always had to queue for, to near-permanent walk-on ride by next season.

Thomas Payne

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Reviews of the original (1990-2005)

Below are reviews of the ride as it originally ran. In 2006 it reopened with corporate sponsorship. 

I love this ride - it's my favourite ride ever. Even though I normally go for thrill rides like Colossus I still prefer Bubbleworks. You cant beat the magic of it and it smells great! However Imperial Leather are sponsoring it in 2006 I hope they don't change it!


Although the ride can do with a good clean up, I think that the Bubble Works is good enough to rival even the average Disney ride in terms of fun and originality. I never tire of it, just the yobs who splash water.

Simon Spencer

I find it very loud and crude. Which is why I love it. It is so Disney, and so much more entertaining for the family and parents than It's a Small World and Toyland Tours. The fountain finale is just incredible, and the whole plot of the ride is just so wacky that I love it.

Damian Law

Although I think Toyland Tours is fun, I have to put in an honorable mention to the original - Bubble Works. It is such a nice ride to go on and very escapist from the chaos of the rest of the park. The yob ban too is great and helps cut down the queues. All who moan shouldn't moan at the park, they have tried other ways to curb stupid behavior. The scenes are great, the theme is fun and I far prefer it to all other similar attractions.

Kelly Webster

Bubbleworks is my fave ride at chessington. Maybe Vampire and Samurai are more intense but the theming and the music is great

Mark Jones

An excellent ride with brilliant scenery and a fantastic finale.

Ben Aspey

Yeah this ride is alright for kids, but I remember a school trip when someone jumped out of the boat and splashed around in the water. Not suitable for crazy Ringmer school kids.

Flying Kiwi

A great ride, though a bit old. The finale is spectacular.

Andrew Jack

I've always loved this ride. The music, the theming, the fountain finale... it's all so amazing. I hope they never decide to get rid of this ride.

Nuclear Bhudda

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