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After visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach numerous times last year, I was surprised by the unexpected arrival of 'Bling' a star diamond thrill ride. It can be seen from miles around and is, if said, stunning to look at. But the real shadow behind 'Bling' is the fact that it lulls you into thinking it is a harmful, low-thrill family ride. If you are thinking this in the queue line BEWARE! it is a piece of psychological terror!

One, because it is V-E-R-Y high up, Two because once it gets going it spins you out of control, and Three because the immense power of the ride plunges you in a headspin! It is the first ride in the UK I actually enjoyed being terrified on! And so I give it 5 stars for being - TERRIFYING, AWESOME, COLOURFUL, AND DEFINITELY WORTH RIDING!!!

Joe C

Everyone knew flat rides were needed, and our prayers were answered with 2002's spin doctor. In my opinion it was a good ride, but we still needed more. in mid 2004 came the oddly named 'Bling'. A Zierer 'Star Shape'. A different take on the famous top scan.

It's appearance is fantastic, the colour scheme seems to work well and overall is very inviting. The ride itself is a blast. Well It's fun lets just say that! Its not a thrill ride in my opinion, its a ride when rode with your friends its just fun. The ride itself is unique, but lacks the speed from the swing arm. This causes the rows of six not to spin round on their own axis very much, which is a disappointment.

Overall its a beautiful looking ride and is a good addition to BPB flat setup. Not all we expected from it, but a good ride!


We all know that what Blackpool lacks is modern flat rides. There was a huge out-cry for some decent spin rides after The Big One, and rightly so. Anything resembling a flat ride at Blackpool was a relic of years gone by, and with the vast improvements of recent years there was a huge choice for the Plesh's management.

And so after years of waiting we have received a flurry of flat rides of late. Ice Blast and Spin Doctor were both big rides. Unfortunately, neither of them were as good as they could have been. Bling was set to change that.

Mondial's Top Spin is arguably the best flat ride in existence. It is fast, disorientating and produces immense G-forces, quite rightly enthusiasts loved it. Similar to the S&S tower rides, when a product becomes successful, other companies try to emulate it. This is exactly the case with Zierer's Star Shape. What Zierer have attempted is to re-hash Mondial's Top Spin by changing the rotation angle and increasing its size. Now on paper it follows that a larger arm would equal a more thrilling ride, rotated at the same speed as Mondial's the arm would travel faster. Surely then this ride must produce the most intense ride you could hope to experience.

There are two inherent problems present, speed and angle. The speed of the star-shaped mechanism at the end of the rotation arm is less than what you would find on a roundabout. Furthermore the rotation of the swing arm that rotates a full 360 degrees is painfully slow. Combined together this means that riders are left sat in rows of seats that experience close to no forces. The immense size of the ride is purely aesthetic, much like Ice Blast one would guess that the power to the motors must have been halved. The promise of intense G-forces that the ride seems to portray is somewhat hollow. Further exaggerating the problem is that due to the perpendicular angle to the floor and hence the gravitational pull on the rows of seats, their spinning mechanism is almost negated entirely. The lack of any force combined with the lack of opportune angles to spin the rows on their axis means the ride feels more like a ferris wheel than a heart-stopping, nerve-wrecking and colossal spin ride.

Once again, the idea behind this is great, but the execution is lacking in nearly every department, and I haven't even started on the name yet...


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