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I am a big fan of this ride. You hurtle round corners and look at oar at the magnificent scenery. I have done this ride 25 times and never been bored. You notice something new each time. The long queues are worth it with the air-conditioning it isn't that bad - I love this ride!

Rachel Coldbeck

I like Big Thunder and it is probably one of the best themed rides I have ever been on with tons of little scenery touches will make the ride great. I also think, however, that the track without the theme would be as dull as cleaning shoes, so it just goes to show how much theming can add to an experience.

John Wilkes

It's a classic Disney Ride - a fun, family coaster with plenty of action - unfortunately marred by the usual problem of queue jumping on busy days

Tom Marshall

I love it. It is nice and smooth and I can hardly believe it is Vekoma. Even the wheels on the front of the train turn, and the attention to detail just beggars belief. I don't think the track on its' own would be 'as dull as cleaning shoes' but indeed a lot is added by the tunnels and cliff sides.

Simon Hurst

This is by far the best coaster in the park. It is long, offers a great ride and makes the theming on even Space Mountain look lacking. You may queue for ages, but you get a nice long ride at the end of it, and one which isn't too scary for the kids.

Michael Smith

I agree with John W. The track is fun, but without the theming it would be nothing. The theming is so thorough and I still find it hard to believe that the mountain is man made.

Michael Terry

See, family coasters don't have to be boring. I hate Disney, but this ride just blows any other out of the water.

Katherine Ridgedale

Thunder Mountain was brilliant! The queue can get VERY long but it's well worth it! The scenery and attention to detail is great (typical of Disney) Even though I expected it to be more thrilling I was still impressed! It's a great family coaster, well worth a ride!

Rich Allen

This ride is Brill. I have ridden this ride twice and both times I came off the ride laughing my head off as it is one great ride. This ride certainly earns 5 stars.

Lindsay Middleton

Sheer class is hard to find in rides, but Big Thunder Mountain is one of the few rides that is. Ride; fun, entertaining. Length; fantastic. Theming; speaks for itself - a whole mountain was made just for this ride.

This ride really is incredible. It has underground (actually under water) sections, fast bits, and throughout well themed parts.

It is a great family ride with dips, twists, banked turns, and really is fantastic. I was expecting a poor ride when I looked at it (my only other family coaster having been Vampire - see review) but after a queue through the very well themed queue-line, I realised this was not your average family coaster.

Proper family coasters are hard to build by their very nature. They must have a universal appeal, thrilling older riders without scaring younger riders out of their wits, and be calm enough for younger riders without boring older riders stupid. But when you find one, they are fantastic. So far I have been on three good examples:

Big Thunder Mountain
Dragons Fury
Scorpion (Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida - a ride with one cool loop, lap bars, and a small height restriction - my 7yr old sister went on it!)

All three of these rides are suitable for people of all ages, but especially BTM, as children of only 4/5 could go on it with their parents and have fun.

A really incredible ride!

Ollie Cooke

Absolutely outstanding. Not only is the ride long and thrilling, especially in the tunnels, but there are animatronics, a story, and superb scenery. Even the lift hills are exciting. Best of all, the whole family can enjoy the ride, which is what probably leads to the only demerit: the long queues. This is my favourite ride at Disneyland Paris, even beating Pirates of the Caribbean in my book.

David Wilcock

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Big Thunder Mountain

Very long - very cool. Andrew