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This is a sensational ride I have to agree, however after such a massive lead up, the ride appears dull. It is also uncomfortably rough, especially towards the end when you skyrocket into a tunnel. However, I think the Pepsi Max deserves to be ridden whatever the weather

Joe C

I absolutely loved this ride - it was one of the best rides I have ever been on and I have been on quite a lot of rides. I loved the queue when I lined up for it all you could see was out of the big window was the big hill and I was a bit scared to go on it at first... probably mostly excited. When I finally got on the ride my heart was beating quite fast but then when I started going up the hill I was excited and forgot I was on the ride because of the great view I had from going up the hill (it takes nearly 60 seconds to get up there!) but you do realise you are on the ride when it comes to going over the hill! Going down the hill lasted what seemed like 1 second! All I remember is seeing cars at the bottom it was so much fun but before you know it your up the top of the second hill. Lots of ups and downs on this ride I wouldn't recommend it to people who are afraid of heights. But I would recommend it to people just to go on it - don't be scared because your missing out.


Have you been on the Big One this year [2001]? I never really rated it massively for airtime etc, but my God, it was pretty brutal this year. I've been on it countless times, and never got that big a thrill after the first drop, but for some reason every ride (9 of them) this year has given airtime on the return dips. Methinks they may have speeded up the lift-hill.

Rick Holden

The ride looks fantastic, but is quite rough. The first drop is one of the best, although would have been better if it was straight. The dips after this are just tedium. It is a living definition of a one drop wonder, and whilst I would rate it higher if it just got back to the station, following the mid-course brakes, it's just like a Vekoma Roller Skater!

Simon Spencer

Omit the first drop, and you have a scenic railway. Obviously most things pale in comparison to the first drop (which, incidentally, I think is over-rated), but the dips afterwards are laughable. They don't even look steep, and provide no sensation of coming out of your seat. The two accidents on it are a joke too. It just shows how out of order the attitude of the Pleasure Beach actually is.

Damian Law

Great first drop and speed, that's about all.

Mark Thomas

The Pepsi Max Big One is very good. I reckon it's one of the best roller coasters in England.

Daniel Hibberd

A good steel coaster, the first drop, well you didn't know what went through you but the rest of the ride let you down no excitement.


The Big One, one of the most heart racing adrenaline pumping experiences that you will ever have. If love big drops and tight turns, you will love this coaster and is one to ride time and time again.

Matt Western

I First rode the big one for the first time in 2001 with my two of my cousins and my brother. I was a bit nervous because I have not been on a ride like this. It was an amazing experience and have now become a true coaster enthuisiast.

Daniel Lowton

An amazing roller coaster, despite some of the reviews this is one of the rides you must go on at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, it's a breath-taking experience. The only criticism is the amount of down time this ride suffers, as I was going up the lift hill it stopped, and after 10 minutes of sitting down, waiting for it to start I was told to get off, an experience in its self! However I must applaud the staff who work at the big one, they really do the job well! A great roller coaster, it's a must!

Matthew Wolstenholme

The first drop is excellent but the ride tended to flag from this point onwards. The ride looks impressive from the ground but ends disappointingly.

Debbie Harvey

If you experience this ride having not read any reviews, you are bound to be impressed at first. How can any ride that looks so breathtakingly spectacular, one that still has spectators on the ground gasping as they see the train plunge down the first drop, not at least be epic and fun to ride?! Waiting for the trains after seeing the ride in action and knowing that it's the tallest and fastest coaster in Europe makes for a nerve-racking time in the queue on the first ride. The lift hill is truly spectacular, fast, long and steep... and the first drop is awesome - the track disappears from under you giving the sensation of flight, then twists away to the right at a huge speed. It's true that the rest of the ride is exhilarating but it is also true that there is virtually no airtime or any particularly great 'tricks', certainly not for enthusiasts. But for a member of the public expecting a thrilling and fun ride, it will deliver. The first drop may be the Big One's only 'white-knuckle' element, but it is still fast, fun and certainly lives up to its name.

Andy Roberts

I do like this ride, but after the 1st drop it gets a normal coaster, shame the beach did not have a more twisted dropping turns and neg G filled hills.

James Culver

This ride should end after the nerve wracking lift hill and manic first drop. I found the rest of the ride dull and criminally rough. Nice view though.

David Wilcock

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