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I have to say that the Big Dipper is my best wooden coaster in the park by miles. Reasons why it's the best:

1. It's the highest woodie in the park
2. It's not intense like Grand National
3. Great views at the top when you go round the big dollop-shaped thing.
4. It's the oldest woodie in the park
5. It's well good.

First, you enter the strange but pretty looking station, and board the trains.
Then you go though a tunnel and up a tiny mini little lift hill and go down the smallest drop ever. Then round a corner past the "pleasure beach express" and then up the 70ft lift hill. At the top you go round a 360degree left hand turn past the famous tear shaped dollop thingy on top of the station. Then you go down about 5 incredibly steep drops and then the train enters the large turn-around. After that the trains takes a small dip under the Steeple Chase and then a medium sized drop under the footpath where peeps can watch you. Then there's a few small drops that lead back to the station.

It's a ace ride, I'd recommend it to anyone who is an adrenaline junkie.



What a great ride! Its not too high or too low, and great for any age! Has just enough dips, not too many to make it boring, would definitely recommend this ride!



The Big Dipper is FAB! I have only been on it once but when I went on it I couldn't stop laughing.

Lindsay Middleton


Great woodie, watch how the cars seem to come off the track at the top of the lift!

Mark Thomas


I rode this ride for the first time on a mid week trip to Blackpool, on the last week of April... and... I'm in love with this ride, first rode from the second row of the front car.. then rode it several times over the day from the back car... oh WOW! This is an amazing ride... the smile doesn't leave my face from the moment the train arrives... the air time... clatter of the train... oo I love this ride!

Mark Haworth


The Big Dipper is my favourite Coaster at BPB. The drops give you loads of airtime in the backseats and the front seats offer you plenty of speed.

A classic coaster.

Debbie Harvey


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Big Dipper

Old classic, every time. Will