Coaster Kingdom

Welcome back
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Finally, the site is back up and running with a fair few updates since the beginning of the month. Since I posted the news of the changes I've reuploaded all the reviews via Blogger, added new features such as the relevant reading links at the bottom of each review, improved navigation and updated pages such as our profiles and the FAQ pages, added new reviews kindly written by John and Lewis and reorganised the Features section which was formally the Magazine.

Unfortunately, since I posted the news of the changes I have also had a car crash, which although not soley responsible for the amount of time it has taken to do the work has been an utter distraction at best.

There's still work to do. Open Mic will remain, but is in limbo at the moment. It, and the many hundreds of reader-submitted reviews, will appear online soon under one tidy section.

To read full details of the changes to the site, please click here. Don't get too excited - most of the changes are for my benefit so that I don't spend my life formatting pages, but there are many changes of note that may interest you.