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Changes at Coaster Kingdom
Sunday, February 11, 2007

Many changes have been made to Coaster Kingdom over the last month, mainly to give me more time to dedicate to writing as opposed to housekeeping the site, but also changes that will also make navigating and reading the site easier.

Your Reviews and commenting

  • Your Reviews is still a work in progress. From your point of view, it will remain much the same with the ability to fill in a form to add your review. Your Reviews should be back up and running in March.
  • Commenting will appear on as many pages as possible, ones where we think there's something to discuss or comment on


  • The entire site has been moved across to Blogger which means it is easier to update and should mean less dead links and less time dealing with housekeeping the site
  • Themed reviews are no more. All pages use the fast-loading template
  • Although the relevant links on the right hand side of the page are no more, there will be links at the foot of the review to similar rides and we will try and make sure relevant reviews are linked from within the articles when making comparisons
  • All thumbnails are the larger 250px wide and many reviews have new photos (see below)
  • We've improved the font clarity so that the site is easier to read
  • Labels will appear at the foot of most pages - clicking on this will bring up all relevant reviews (AltonTowers brings up all Alton Towers reviews on one page for example)

RSS feeds

  • Feeds were created in a mixture of ways beforehand, hence their unreliability. Feeds are now automatically created which should mean less intervention from us and more reliability
  • More feeds are available including ones covering Water Rides, Dark Rides, Coasters and Spin Rides, and we will introduce ones covering other seasonal topics such as Halloween


  • There is still much work to be done. We have a list of out-of-date reviews that need rewritting which we will be attending to as often as possible
  • Old reviews that were no longer representative of the ride or our opinion of the ride have been removed. This includes all PortAventura and Parc Asterix reviews


Review updates

New reviews
New photos